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A Life Group is a gathering of people who meet regularly in homes or at Tabernacle of Hope to experience the Christian life together. These fellowship groups are a way of building faith and unity in the midst of our congregation and community.

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phone: 508-866-8523

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Sundays @ 4

Thursdays @ 6


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Meet kindred book lovers in a local Book Group! Together we'll choose and discuss the books that we read and see how they relate to Christian values. Have a cup of coffee and share stories with friends.

Reach - a volunteer group for our community. Our goal is to reach out to our community and help those in need. As a group, we will take on different volunteer projects and discuss how to best utilize our skills to help. 

Cooking Group

Get back to basics with this cooking group; while exploring techniques, recipes and eateries. Together we will cook, taste and share these recipes with friends. 

volunteer Group

What is a Life Group?

of Hope

Fridays @7

We are a group of people getting together, watching movies and forming friendships. We'll talk about topics and issues from the movie that we face everyday; and then search the Word of God for truth and solutions.

Book Group

Tuesdays @ 6