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of Hope

Individual Classes-

Follow along with the One-Year Bible School at your own convenience. 
You can sign up to attend any of the classes.  

  • You will receive a certificate of completion for each class.

Advanced Leadership Program - Iron Sharpens Iron

This Program was designed to fine tune leaders in their respective areas of 
ministry and further develop the team at the Tabernacle of Hope Church.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”
-Proverbs 27:17

Reinvent yourself and find strength, wisdom and power by growing in your knowledge of God. Whether you have a desire to build yourself up for your local church community, are called to a global ministry or just want to strengthen and build your personal life and relationship with God; Covenant Achievers, at Tabernacle of Hope Church, can assist you by offering these classes and training programs.  

Second Year Bible School-

This program is designed to be a stepping stone for both the individuals that desire to serve in the local church and those that are called to the five-fold ministry (apostle, teacher, pastor, evangelist or prophet).

  • You will receive a two-year diploma upon completion.
  • You must attend classes September through June as scheduled.

First Year Bible School-

If you desire an explicit walk with God for your individual spiritual growth, then you need to apply for these classes. We will teach on such subjects as prayer, covenant and your life in Christ. Come and see what God can do by training and Biblical application with expository teaching!

  • You must attend classes September through June as scheduled.
  • You will receive a one-year diploma upon completion.

II Peter 1:3 says that as we grow in our knowledge of God, through His divine power, He gives us everything we need for life and Godliness.   

Covenant Achievers

Bible School and Training Center

Covenant Achievers offers the following:

Training for the Church Community and Global Ministry

Building God's Community one person at a time. 

Contact us for more information

on Covenant Achievers 

phone: 508-866-8523

email us: from the contact us page